2 Brick Homes- Lots of Potential Pending

  • $194,000

In this offer we have two brick homes located in Roanoke County near the Colonial Rd. and Rt. 419 intersection.  These houses need work but if done correctly, you will have a known commodity and a great product to sell.

Both houses need all the love but the smaller of the two is in slightly worse shape.  This house will be a 3-1 with a basement.  Because of a drainage blockage this house got eight feet of water in the basement a year ago October.  It was also reworked a little and might need a floor plan modification to get three true bedrooms out of it.

The second home is larger, has a play on a fourth bedroom and it comes with a detached two car garage.  This house needs all the same things as the other house, but it is in slightly better condition.  There are also two full bathrooms in this house.

There should be plenty of meat on this bone to make this a great deal for everyone.  The seller would like to close by the end of the year but no sooner.  Please call for more information.


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