3/3 Bungalow in SE Roanoke with Separate Apartment Sold

  • $70,000
  • 3 beds
  • 3 baths

This is a large bungalow style home on a corner lot in SE. It has three bedrooms and three separate bathrooms, but only one bathtub. With a little bit of cleanup, this could be a really cool house. The roof is new and it has modern vinyl windows. It will need bathroom and kitchen help, along with plaster work from older leaks in the roof. Across the courtyard in the back is a very tidy two bedroom apartments with its own electrical meter and baseboard heat so that it can be rented fully on its own lease. For a rental apartment, this is just fine the way it is and will be a great little money maker for the next investor to maximize profit, or for the owner’s of the home to help cover the mortgage expense.

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Roanoke, VA 24012
For Sale
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Property Code: 25K

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