3 Bed/1 Bath 3-1 1000+ SF Sold

  • $112,400
  • 3 beds
  • 1 baths

At the right price… Who wouldn’t want a Glen Allen flip right?  We might have been a little over-eager on this on so please consider this same great opportunity for $20000 less.

This is a three-bedroom, one bath house in a GREAT location.  There are flipped homes throughout this neighborhood selling for numbers well North of 200k.  This one probably won’t get quite there but $185000 is easily realistic.  To really cash in on this thing all of your favorite projects are in play except for the windows.  While everything is functional and works, it’s just not Glen Allen retail-ready.

This home really does sit on an awesome lot.  It has a huge yard and is on a corner.  Please put a little money in your restoration estimates for some landscaping.  There isn’t much curb appeal now this thing could really pop and get listed and sold in the same week.

This house is occupied so please call us to be added to the walkthrough. There is plenty of meat left on this bone.

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Glen Allen, VA 23060
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