3 Bed / 2 Bath Ranch Sold

  • $76,250
  • 3 beds
  • 2 baths
  • 1100 sqft

I won’t lie…. this is far away.  But the yield on this investment could be $50,000.  This is a very desirable, easily consumable, retail property that needs work but won’t surprise you.

This is a 3-2 ranch style home that somebody lived in just a year or so too long before their children came and moved them out.  It has gas heat, an newer roof, two full bathrooms, and has a church on one side and a park on the other.  The location in Waynesboro could not be better.

The interior needs a complete rework.  All projects are on the table, but the house is only 1100 square feet so the expense will be predictable and lower.  The house was build in 1987 so is structurally very solid.

We will pay a referral for a buy on this property as well if you think this is a great deal but just don’t want to get involved in something so far away.  At this price, this has got to work for somebody out there in investor land.

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Waynesboro, VA 22980
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Code: 18MW

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